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Public University
Midwestern United States


Celayix helped a large university in the American Midwest streamline the way they scheduled student employees. With Celayix, organizations of all sizes in any vertical can leverage employee scheduling software when working with casual or part time employees. When a scheduling process becomes more efficient, you benefit by saving time and enhancing employee satisfaction.


Department supervisors were manually scheduling student employees and entering availability, consuming up to a week at the start of each semester. This lengthy process resulted in many errors. Any changes to student availability required more manual updates.


Celayix eTime Xpress takes manual entry out of scheduling, while Web Xpress empowers students to enter and update their own availability.

Benefits Summary

  • With Celayix, the university’s departments save more than 20 days each semester in scheduling time, freeing them to focus on other priorities
  • Without manual re-keying, student availability is immediately ready to support scheduling, allowing for better accuracy and less errors

At a large public university in the Midwest, more than 41,000 students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees annually. Approximately 650 of them help the busy campus stay running by working in a variety of on-campus part-time jobs. The highly ranked public university employs student staff in about 60 different types of on-campus jobs, including customer service, facility management, fitness center positions, etc.

At the start of every semester, it was a time consuming process for department supervisors across the campus to hire and schedule all the students working in their areas. In the past, students submitted their class schedules and availability on paper forms, and student workers would enter that information into Excel spreadsheets. From there, a staff member created schedules to ensure that each student received adequate hours.

The entire process could take up to one full week – just when supervisors are their busiest. Plus, re-keying information left room for errors. “If one person’s schedule was incorrect, it could throw all of the schedules off,” said the university’s assistant director of HR-Student Development.

“Over the course of a semester, department supervisors save 150 to 200 hours of scheduling time, that frees them to focus on other areas of their jobs.”

| Assistant Director of HR-Student Development

Web-Based Availability Collection

The university’s HR and IT departments teamed up to evaluate four different student employee scheduling solutions to simplify the process for supervisors. Their top criteria was: ease of use, strong vendor support, and the ability for students to input their availability online. “Celayix hit all the features we were looking for. It’s the complete package,” said the assistant director of IT. “Web-based collaborative scheduling was the big attraction for us. Students can submit their own availability.”

Furthermore, Celayix offered the flexibility to be configured specifically for the university’s needs. As the university implemented the scheduling software, Celayix consultants worked with IT and HR to migrate existing staff information into Celayix’s system and established business rules regarding notifications. Celayix eTime Xpress gives department supervisors the ability to quickly and easily match student staff with work assignments. The web component, Celayix Web Xpress, empowers students to go online and enter their own availability, allowing supervisors to schedule student employees without any manual entry.

Saving 150-200 Scheduling Hours

Celayix provided thorough training for the university’s department supervisors and conducted an orientation for student employees. This resulted in a quick adoption rate by end users. As each semester kicks off, students access Web Xpress to enter their availability, and can indicate changes at any time as conflicts arise.

Now, supervisors have availability details as soon as students enter it, instead of waiting more than a day for manual entry. They can easily match open time slots with students with the correct experience and availability. It’s now up to students to manage their schedules online and check Web Xpress for any changes. Moreover, supervisors enjoy greater confidence that, if students entered information correctly, then availability is accurate.

As a result of Celayix’s scheduling solution, the university’s departments publish work schedules for students more quickly and office staff receives fewer calls from students regarding changes. In turn, the departments’ workload decreases during the busy time at the start of each semester. “Over the course of a semester, department supervisors save 150 to 200 hours of scheduling time,” said the assistant director of HR-Student Development. “That frees them to focus on other areas of their jobs.

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