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Organization: Four Seasons Healthcare Wilmington, DE

Through strategic thinking and the use of a mobile app, Four Seasons Healthcare established itself in the industry as a leader.


Four Seasons Healthcare operates in a highly competitive industry. There are hundreds of companies providing home healthcare services in a given area. This presented a number of challenges for Four Seasons Healthcare when they first started four years ago. One of the biggest hurdles was recruiting healthcare workers that would stay motivated on the job. Since employees work remotely, it was hard to monitor motivation and performance on the job. In addition, remote workers meant that management did not always know who was willing to work. With 80 employees, these challenges meant investing time and money into recruiting, scheduling and incentive programs. At the same time, the company had to keep costs low and be sustainable as a business in the volatile industry. The solution came in the form of a simple mobile app. When Richard Koster, Managing Director of Four Seasons Healthcare implemented the Celayix Mobile Xpress App, he found that it had a positive impact on the business and most importantly, the home healthcare workers. His mantra is “happy caregiver equals happy patient”.

According to Richard, the mobile app helped him apply this mantra across the organization. It allowed the company to have an autonomous workforce that could self-schedule, control the number of hours they wanted to work and control exactly where they wanted to work. The company strategically created a process where they scheduled open shifts and allowed employees to pick up shifts themselves. The decision-making was now in the hands of the people who were doing the work.

We are a caregiver centric business. A large part of that has been driven by the Celayix mobile app.

Richard Koster
CEO, Four Seasons Healthcare

Benefits Summary

  • Four Seasons Healthcare was able to transform the business with Celayix Software.
  • The mobile app made employees more autonomous and put them in control.
  • The caregivers were now the schedulers.
  • This made for a more motivated and happier workforce.
  • For the business, this meant happier patients.
  • The mobile app also improved communication and transparency in the company.
  • They were able to differentiate and create a positive reputation in the industry by focusing on the caregivers.

1. Autonomous and motivated workforce Richard Koster envisioned an autonomous business.

He wanted less people in the office and more people in the field. Being autonomous meant giving more control to the employees, making for a motivated workforce. With the mobile app, he was able to build an autonomous business where his employees chose when they wanted to work and where they wanted to work. Since employees were in control, they could pick the number of shifts they wanted each week and were not restricted to a set schedule.

“The mantra in this business is happy caregiver equals happy patient. The mobile app gives employees the autonomy they need to stay motivated and happy.” –Richard Koster, CEO

Richard Koster also understood that every patient has specific needs and caregivers with the appropriate qualifications should be catering to those needs. To do this, he added required qualifications for each shift which meant only employees meeting those qualifications could see the shift. The ability to self-schedule left very little room for complaints from employees about not getting enough hours or getting too many hours. Employees were happier because this made their life easier. It allowed them to fulfill personal commitments and work on a schedule fit for their needs.

2. Improved communication and transparency Celayix Web Xpress and Mobile Xpress created a better communication medium between the employees and management.

This was very important in an industry where employees work remotely. Giving them mobile access helped management communicate schedules every week to employees with ease. It also created transparency in the company. Since employees worked remotely, there was no way of understanding which employees were more driven than others. With employees self-scheduling, Richard Koster now knows exactly who is motivated to work.

3. Seamless Integration Home healthcare is a large industry.

According to Richard Koster, “The only way you can differentiate is how good you are”. Four Seasons Healthcare has been able to differentiate because they have happy caregivers. The company has a positive reputation and has grown to become one of the leaders in the industry. The company’s reputation attracts the best caregivers as well. For this reason, they do not need marketing or recruitment programs to drive the business. Implementing the mobile app helped Four Seasons Healthcare to transform the business in more ways than one. The company was able to save time on scheduling and reduce costs by making every employee their own scheduler.

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