Solution Review


Genesis Security Group

Vancouver, BC


From manual processes to Celayix’s seamless automation, Genesis Security was able to focus on growing their company from 500 to 1400 employees, becoming one of the top security companies in the region.


For Genesis, creating schedules and tracking time was a tedious, time consuming nightmare in MS Excel. Creating a single schedule took up to 30 minutes on top of which came the time consuming task of communicating those schedules and changes to employees. These inefficiencies coupled with a workforce of 500 guards made the need for an effective method of scheduling and time keeping critical to business operations.


Celayix’s eTime Xpress provided not only convenience but ease of mind for the event security company. With features such as Autofill (automatically populate the schedule with qualified personnel), Clock-in and Clock-out, Time Sheets, and more, Genesis was able to make their scheduling process highly efficient and, in the process, reduce manual effort and error.

“I can make a schedule in 2 minutes whereas beforehand we were looking at least a half an hour task for even just one schedule”

Operations Manager, Genesis Security

Benefit Summary

Genesis Security offers a wide range of security services from event security to patrol services. This means they are constantly hiring employees to join their growing organization. When Genesis deployed Celayix, they were able to save an immense amount of time to focus on the operational side of the business. Celayix cut down the scheduling time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes, creating a higher level of HR and management efficiency. With checks in place to protect from manual error, they were able to execute events with the right people at the right place at the right time. This made the HR function in the company more effective and operations more efficient.

Time and efficiency

Automating the process with the right software immediately helped the company save time and resources while creating a more efficient process for handling scheduling and time tracking. They were easily able to communicate schedules, shift details, shift requirements and track all of this and more through the system. With the web, mobile, and phone, employees can easily check their schedules any time of day which allows for significant improvements to the logistical aspect of scheduling making it a system that can “do so much more than we even thought was possible”.

Drastically improved communication

With clear schedules and easy access, the company has been able to improve employee morale. Since they have reduced the need for employees to call in to check schedules and shift details, there are fewer logistics to worry about. With better communication between the employees and management, this has resulted in a reduction in the number of employees being late or no-shows.

Seamless integration

Software integration was a large hassle for Genesis. From payroll to other HR software, Celayix was not only able to integrate with third party platforms, but we were able to make it an easy, seamless transition for Genesis,

“[Celayix] communicated directly with the IT department and getting the client involved only when necessary”.

The end result was a merging of two systems that made it a little easier for the company to run smoothly.

By employing Celayix Software, Genesis was able to create a higher level of time and efficiency leading to better communication in the company and more efficient HR processes. Since then, Genesis Security has been able to focus on operations and grow their staff from 500 to 1400 employees with fewer worries.

Genesis summarized their experience by saying,

“The fact that we can store employee information, shift information, notes of how many times people were late are huge benefits from an HR and organizational point of view.”

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