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Pro Sports Team and Stadium
Memphis, TN


Manual employee scheduling and time and attendance tracking were time-consuming for a popular pro sports teams’ Guest Relations Department, which manages 120 events per year in the 18,000-seat stadium.


Celayix eTime Xpress simplifies and expedites scheduling for 550 employees. Integrating with a hand scanner and the company’s ADP payroll system streamlines post-event work.


Imagine putting on an event for 18,000 guests – the food and drinks, promotion, ticket sales, ushers, souvenirs, the cleaning, and more. At a popular Memphis stadium, it takes a staff of about 550 people to bring it all together. Each year the stadium hosts about 120 events. As home to an NBA pro sports team and the University basketball teams, there are times when the arena hosts an event every day of the week. Sometimes that means quickly transforming the basketball court into an ice floor.

The pro sports team officially manage and operate the stadium. In this dynamic staffing environment, the Guest Relations team found the manual venue staff scheduling and employee time-tracking extremely inefficient. “In scheduling hundreds of part-time stadium staff, we had to understand who could work, when and where,” said, Director of Guest Relations. “Managing it on an Excel spreadsheet, it was hard to ensure that everyone was being scheduled fairly for shifts, that someone didn’t get two shifts and another just one.” Likewise, the staff had to transfer hours and pay rates after each event from paper into the computer, which took four to five hours.

Flexible, Integrated Employee Scheduling Solution

The staff evaluated scheduling solutions before selecting Celayix eTime Xpress.

“Celayix listened to us, and we found the software and the company very flexible in giving us what we would need to operate.”

That adaptability was essential to accommodating the stadium’s different types of shifts, some hourly and some not. The organization set up other business rules in Celayix, such as notifications when an employee has worked 30 hours in a week, helping the staff prevent employee overtime.

Celayix also ties into the stadium’s hand scanner, pulling attendance data right into eTime Xpress. From there, it integrates with ADP to bring data over for payroll processing.

"Managing such a large group is hard, but the more you put into the system, the more it works for you. I would never ever go back to the old way.”

Director, Guest Relations
Saving $30,000 Plus

Six departments access Celayix: Guest Relations, Premium Services, the Conversion Department, Facility Services, Engineering and the Box Office. Celayix stores preferences for all employees, who are required to give 90 percent availability. As employees call in with changes, staff can easily update that data in an employee’s record.

For each event, the staff begins with a master template of specific positions needed. They can quickly fill in shifts when and where people are able to work. Celayix ensures that they only schedule employees at times they can work, equitably, and that they never go over 30 hours per week per part-time employee.

That information is available immediately for employees, who call in to retrieve their staff schedules. Before, they received emails, staff called the office or physically checked at the facility. The ease of creating employee schedules in eTime Xpress now enables the staff to create them every two weeks instead of monthly, which benefits employees.

“We find the process is a lot smoother and clearer for employees. They don’t need to come to the building to see a calendar of events or check email. They can always pick up the phone and know two weeks in advance and know their shifts, so they can plan better.”

With significantly faster venue staff scheduling, the Guest Relations team actually saves one full-time position previously dedicated to stadium staff scheduling, reducing costs by more than $30,000 annually.

‘Never, Ever Go Back’

The Guest Relations Department uses reporting in Celayix heavily. Before each event, they run lists for supervisors showing all the employees working in their area that night. Employees also know their responsibilities for that night beforehand, allowing them to go straight to the uniform room and to the correct briefing area.

At the close of an event, the staff immediately has employee time and attendance data from the integrated hand scanner. Before, it took up to five hours to hand-enter it, which left room for error. Now, it takes just 15 minutes to check over data and send it on to the finance department for processing. Guest Relations staff also immediately know the staffing costs associated with an event.

Taking manual data entry out of employee time tracking contributes to accuracy.

“If we’re off by a couple of minutes, people are losing money. Celayix has really worked for us because the pay rate, hours and pay are accurate.”

As the organization uses more of the capabilities of eTime Xpress, they realize even greater efficiency.

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