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5 Star Event Services
Houston, TX


Improve employee relations and internal efficiency by moving beyond manual staffing practices.


Celayix eTime Xpress and Web Xpress centralize employee scheduling, employee time and attendance, and payroll in one place.


Any event takes coordination of countless details. But when those events are held at major venues, with thousands of attendees, it takes a team of professionals to pull it off smoothly.

5 Star Event Services is the largest provider of staffing and security services for events in the Houston, Texas area. The company’s prestigious customer list includes the Houston Astros (MLB), Houston Rockets (NBA), The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Verizon Wireless Theater and Toyota Center.

When the fast-growing company doubled the size of its workforce, it realized it needed a better way to manage constantly changing staffing requirements and employee schedules. The office staff scheduled approximately 200 employees every week using mostly manual processes. Every employee had to call the office to provide availability and request shifts – at times requiring them to wait 15 to 20 minutes before talking to someone.

“It was all done on paper and spreadsheets. We had no employee overtime tracking ability, nor were we able to pull up individual employee schedules with ease,” said Bobby Jones, licensed manager of 5 Star Event Services. “That made even the simplest of queries time-consuming and tedious.”

“We can grow our company without having to bring on additional schedulers – add more jobs without adding more staff.”

Bobby Jones
Licensed Manager
Automating Employee Scheduling

In the search for an automated workforce management system, 5 Star turned to Celayix. The core of Celayix solutions, eTime Xpress centralizes employee scheduling in one web-enabled location, allowing office staff to create staff schedules, record employee attendance, and summarize bill and payroll information more quickly.“The reasons we went with Celayix boiled down to getting the best value for our software investment,” Jones said. “Celayix offered features that made our company more efficient and their products integrated with our existing ADP payroll system.”

The payroll integration means that 5 Star can now feed employee attendance information directly into ADP, saving time and eliminating errors caused by re-keying shift hours.
The add-on solution, Celayix Web Xpress, further eliminates manual work for 5 Star. The office staff posts available shifts online and employees simply log in to schedule themselves in preferred shifts.

Empowering Employees

5 Star managers input open shifts in Celayix. With a centralized system, all office staff view the same staff schedule information in real-time, and always know whether events are sufficiently staffed. A training video on the 5 Star website shows employees the easy process of selecting shifts on their own. To get started with employee self-scheduling, employees simply access a “Web Schedule” signup form to indicate their availability and qualifications.

From there, they can view all available shifts in a calendar or list view, and drill down further for complete event details. Employees simply check the boxes of the events they would like to work and Celayix automatically schedules them.

Intelligent scheduling in Celayix ensures that employees never see shifts that conflict with those for which they are already scheduled. Employees also cannot cancel a shift online, preventing last-minute changes without a call to the office.

From a single screen, employees view all their scheduled shifts by month, week or day, and print it out. That frees office staff from the tedious work once required to get employees slotted into shifts, and elevates employee satisfaction. “Celayix has dramatically changed employee scheduling,” he said. “It’s alleviated a lot of phone traffic with employees calling about shifts, which helps us retain our good employees.”

More Agile Event Management

With event schedules on the screen in front of them, 5 Star managers always know exactly how an event is staffed, and whether they need to fill any openings. If an employee cancels at the last minute, staff simply run a report to find all employees that have indicated availability for that day and time.“Now all we do is run a simple report and the information is right at our fingertips,” Jones said. “Celayix software has really helped us respond quickly and efficiently when last-minute events arise, or when staff becomes unavailable at the last minute before the start of a shift – a situation that happens all too often.”

‘All in One Workforce Management System’

In a business where the level of service provided to existing customers determines success, 5 Star Event Services depends on Celayix to have the right people at the right place at the right time. “That’s huge when you consider the amount of employees we have to deal with,” Jones said. “We can grow our company without having to bring on additional schedulers – add more jobs without adding more staff.”

“Celayix is a valued business partner and we would recommend them to any organization that faces the challenge of scheduling a constantly changing workforce,” Jones added. “The true value of the solution comes from having the ability to integrate employee scheduling, employee time and attendance, and payroll all in one system.”

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