Staff Scheduling Software for the Restaurant Industry

Staff Scheduling Software

There are still some industries that just refuse to adopt new technology, the restaurant business is one of them. When you think of running a successful restaurant, you probably think that it doesn’t really need any technology. All you need is a good stove, good staff, and great food. Doesn’t get much more low-tech than that, right? Wrong, especially if you are using outdated processes to schedule your employees (paper and pen, or Excel).

Employee scheduling is and always has been notoriously challenging. The majority of restaurant employees are a combination of casual, part-time, flexible, or seasonally employed. Juggling this instable staff to match the dynamic needs of a restaurant can be borderline impossible. How do you figure out when everyone is available? Once you figure that out, how do you communicate the employees’ schedules? How do you track your labor ROI? And worst of all, how do you handle no shows?

These are all issues that will affect your bottom line, customer satisfaction, and employee happiness. The restaurant industry already has a notoriously low profit margin, high failure rate, and insane competition; don’t let employee scheduling be the last strike that holds your restaurant back from success.

The best alternative to Excel and pen and paper is staff scheduling software. Staff scheduling software can alleviate all the previously mentioned scheduling hardships. Your entire staff can digitally submit their availability and you can share open shifts with just a few clicks of a mouse or mobile device. Also, you won’t have to chase around your employees through phone or email to share their schedule, employees can access that information from the web or mobile. You will have a much easier time tracking and improving your ROI by avoiding unnecessary overtime, prevent overscheduling and under-scheduling, and spend less time creating schedules.

If you need help improving your restaurant’s scheduling process with staff scheduling software, reach out to the Celayix team and we will be happy to help you!