Having the Right People at the Right Time

Employee Scheduling Software

Scheduling isn’t just about having bodies at the right place and time, it’s also about having the right people. Whether your need is based on legal reasons, customer preference, licenses, etc., you need to easily identify who the right staff member for your needs is. If you have a casual, part –time, or on call work force, this can be incredibly difficult. There are many businesses and industries that rely on rotating schedules and at some point or another, they all will come across this challenge.

First of all, you need to figure out who has the right skillset for the job. If you have a lot of employees and keep track of this information with pen and paper, or Excel, you’re in for a tough time. You need an easy to filter database that can present you with alternatives based on what you need and availability. This problem is amplified if the skill or license expires. For example, you run a catering business and need to serve alcohol – how do you know which one of your staff members’ license is up to date? If you don’t have that information readily available, have fun calling, texting, or emailing your list of employees. This gets even trickier if you are managing multiple events simultaneously.

Thankfully, you can avoid this fiasco through rules based scheduling and employee scheduling software. Rules based scheduling is the ability to schedule employees and fill shifts based on particular skills, licenses, preference, or whatever other reason you can imagine. With employee scheduling software, you can enjoy all these benefits and more – including, saving time and money, eliminating unnecessary overtime, expediting payroll process, etc.

If you need help finding the right people for your dynamic needs, reach out to the Celayix team and we’ll show you how employee scheduling software can help.