How Kendo-UI is Speeding Up Our Development

By Martin, Maggie, and Ryan

For a supervisor, it may be very difficult to keep full control over his employees, especially when he has many of them. He wants to quickly search for list of just his employees, see if they are checked in, and take appropriate actions if needed.

For this purpose, we’ve decided to create Time Xpress app to satisfy all the needs of a supervisor. Creating such an app comes with technical challenges that require proper solutions. We are working with up to thousands of employees for a single customer. The app needs to be able so show all the employees, filter them by various criteria, and display the information in useful way. Because of big data, we need to show information in reasonably sized batches. We need various filters for standard type data such as date fields, time fields, date time fields, numbers, strings, Boolean or even special types such as statuses. We also need flexibility in custom templates of table cells to format all data types in our way – many date and time formats, statuses. Additionally, supervisors need to do their work with a user-friendly, intuitive and standard desktop interface, as well as an optimized mobile interface.

Implementation of components that would fit all these needs would include architectural decisions, implementation, testing and QA that would take months of work and a huge budget. Also, you need to support various mobile and desktop browsers, update and maintain your library. For this reason, we’ve decided to implement a best fitting third-party framework.

After deep discussions, analysis of frameworks, and creating prototypes, we’ve found that Kendo-ui fits our needs the best. Our Time Xpress app is designed specifically for supervisors, so we decided to use the Kendo Grid. It is stable, well maintained, and supported framework providing many various components, themes, and a consistent mobile experience across many platforms.

With the decision to implement this third-party framework, we saved many months’ worth of development and QA work. With this tool, we are able to focus on incorporating new features in our products which helps us make scheduling even easier for our clients!

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