July 18th, 2014

Time and Attendance systems have existed for decades for a simple reason; they save businesses money. Because businesses owners are only required to pay for time actually worked, the five or ten minutes that an employee clocks-in late over the long term can add up to thousands in payroll costs saved. However, if you are thinking about implementing time and attendance in a workforce that has not traditionally used one; you may find yourself facing some resistance. Employees may feel that you do not trust them, leading to conflict and higher turnover. Here are some tips for implementing time and attendance that your employees may even like.

Make Sure It Works

The most common pain that employees state with time and attendance is that the systems often don’t function as promised. Swipes are missed by the system due to “errors” or biometrics can’t get a clear read on a hand or finger. Ensure that when implementing time and attendance you include hardware that has positive reviews and has been thoroughly tested.

Reward People

Many employees will find that they have slightly smaller paychecks as a result of clocking in a few minutes late. To help combat some of the negative feelings concerning this, reward those who do clock-in on time. For employees who make a consistent effort to clock-in and out on time, institute a program to further incentivize others.

Educate Them

Let your employees know that your reasoning for implementing time and attendance goes beyond tracking a few minutes here or there. A good time and attendance system will make payroll processing more efficient and eliminate manual entry, decreasing errors on paychecks. The elimination of manual entry of time and payroll data will also decrease the time it takes to pay staff.

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