Automated Shift Scheduling for Security Services and Loss Prevention


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Rapid Replacement of Infected Staff

Automatically find replacement staff for care workers who have tested positive for COVID-19

Create staffing assignment restrictions by location, to protect both staff and residents.

Assign Staff According to Location Infection Status

Assign Staff According to Patient Infection Status

Manage staffing assignments according to a patient’s infection status, regardless of location

Rapid Replacement of Infected Staff

Managing Unexpected No-Shows

Managing Unexpected No-Shows

Powerful Software for Complex Scheduling


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Assign Staff According to Patient Infection Status

Assign Staff According to Location Infection Status

Easily adapt to unexpected no-shows in a complex operating environment.

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Celayix: The Best Scheduling Software in the Business

Why Celayix is the Perfect Fit for a Healthcare Organization:

Celayix has spent twenty years driving operational efficiencies in workforce scheduling for healthcare companies.

We know that some businesses are experiencing increased demand in the current climate - most notably healthcare organizations with complex staff scheduling processes.

If this sounds like your business, we can guarantee our ability to implement efficiencies in your organization, helping you expand operations with positive outcomes.

"Celayix is intuitive and easy to setup. Implementing Celayix has provided us with the confidence we need when using an automated scheduling tool and allows us to focus on growing our business. "

Shawn Scarlata, Owner, Smart Security Pros

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Automated scheduling saves hours of wasted effort creating and managing schedules

Rapid Replacement eliminates unnecessary overtime, loss of contracts & revenue

Accommodation of last-minute client requests

Remote management of guard and officer schedules using your smartphone

Eliminate payroll errors and overpayment from fraudulent check in or check out

No more miscommunication with guards, increasing accountability with real-time messaging

Software that scales with your business as it grows