Scheduling for home healthcare providers can be difficult. In this blog, we will go over some common scheduling problems in home healthcare organizations and how you can mitigate them in a few easy, simple steps.

Staff Tracking Issues

One problem that home healthcare providers are affected by during is the ability to track their staff. Many home healthcare workers are going into areas where there are people who may have compromised immune systems. Because of situations like pandemics or outbreaks, many home healthcare providers want to have a record of who was working with which patients to minimize infection spread. As providers want to limit the potential of spreading the virus, some providers have limited their staff to only provide services to a certain person or groups of people.

Celayix can help home healthcare providers when these difficult situations arise. Not only can our scheduling system display the history of where each worker has been, it can also schedule staff to work strictly at one location. Providers can easily track where an employee has been, at what locations they have worked at in the past and where they are going next. With our software, schedulers can set each individual employee to a specific few locations and schedule them accordingly.

Are Your Employees In The Right Location?

Another problem is knowing the location of employees and ensuring employees are working their designated hours. Employees might try to cut down the time they worked at a particular site by arriving late or leaving early. Some employees check into their shift early or get their friends to check into their shift, even when they may not even be at their designated location. They may be on the bus, or even at home when they should be at work helping their patients. This is called buddy-punching and can have detrimental effects on your organization.

Celayix’s software can help you combat this issue. With our geofencing feature, many of these problems can be solved. Geofencing allows home healthcare providers to set an area around the designated patient within which the employee can sign in on their mobile device. The employee must be within the area or “geofence” for the sign in feature to be activated. When the employee signs in on the app, a time stamp is recorded to signify the start of the shift. With geofencing, home healthcare providers can feel confident that employees are ensuring their patients receive the level of care they deserve.

Manual Scheduling

Does your home healthcare business spend many hours of the week manually scheduling employees? Scheduling employees can be laborious and very time consuming for home healthcare organizations. There are many factors that go into scheduling an employee at a specific time in a specific location.

With the Celayix platform, after you input all your employee’s qualifications, skills, and apply your own business rules; our scheduling software quickly fills shifts with only the most suitable employees, dependent on the criteria needed for that shift. Our software is powered by Celayix AI, an artificial intelligence module that can automatically optimize your schedule and fill all your shifts automatically. With our robust rules engine, there is no need to ever manually schedule again. Hours of work scheduling can be effortlessly turned into a couple minutes with Celayix AI.

Unclear Communication

With many employees on your roster, it can be a major challenge just keeping in contact with them all. In times of increased demand, schedules can change at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, instant communication is needed between employees and management to report any emergencies or changes regarding patients. Also, an efficient communication channel increases employee responsiveness and prevents vague or missed communication.

With Celayix, communicating with your employees has never been easier. With in app messaging and instant, automatic notifications built into the mobile app, it is easy for schedulers to contact any employee on the roster and notify them of any schedule changes. These features can empower your staff while maintaining a collaborative scheduling approach that meets and exceeds business needs.

Celayix – The Right Fit For You?

Scheduling doesn’t have to be hard. With Celayix’s proven ability to add value to home healthcare organizations and the power of Celayix AI, scheduling has never been easier. Create schedules in seconds instead of hours, have confidence in knowing where your staff are, and communicate with them in seconds. If you want to know more about how Celayix can help home healthcare providers, click here. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch with us and we can see if we’re a good fit.